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Remembering our history

So that we never forget

Everyone in the LGBTQ community has a unique story, whether it’s about coming out, of nursing a loved one through their battle with AIDS, of fighting for our rights on the streets or in the statehouses; of holding hands for the first time in public; of moments big and small where you took a stand and knew your world would change forever; and of moments where it was safer to slip back into the shadows.

Coming Out Project is a site for all of us. Here, you can tell your history -without judgement- of the path you took to wind up where you are and who you are today.

All of these stories honor our community’s history. From those who lived their entire lives in closets and those who battled the police in the streets of New York. It also honors us today as we move-together-to make a better future for us all, and for those we know will follow.

Your submission can be audio or video. Your story will be searchable if you wish or, if you prefer, published at a time chosen by you. We invite you to share whatever you wish or to peruse what others have given. This is a library that will build over time as thousands from our diverse community submit their stories, and through generous donations, will help provide the technical support this ongoing effort will require.

We want to hear from you. Whoever you are. Wherever you might be. Your words are part of the fabric of our flag. It is our history... difficult...colorful...devastating and vibrant. And worth protecting forever.

Top five reasons to share you story today:

  • To serve as a place to tell the stories of our community before they are forgotten
  • So others who follow will know how important our history is to where we are today
  • To be a welcoming place to others wherever they are in the world
  • To become a teaching tool for everyone
  • To help move our world forward in the struggle for equality

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