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About the Project

The world's first crowd-sourced collection of first-hand accounts of a modern social movement for total equality.

What is the project?

From the Stonewall Riots to Marriage Rights, our ongoing struggle for total equality is made up of hundreds of millions of stories like yours. We’ve come a long way in many places, but around the world LGBTQ people are still subject to banishment, torture and even death.

Coming out defines us as a community and is the most powerful political action we can take. It all starts with you. Telling our personal stories is how we gain and maintain our rights. But no one has collected these heroic stories in one place for all time. Until now.

Coming Out Project is our stories, and we are the heros.  It will be world's largest living library of first person accounts of the millions in our movement and community.  Until we are more than a footnote in mainstream history, preserving our personal stories is the greatest legacy we can leave for future generations.

Whether you came out generations ago or are just opening the closet door for the first time, your story matters.  Adding your story to the project is simple and in doing so, you will stand in solidarity with others who are unable to tell theirs yet.

This is your opportunity to guarantee that history remembers the courage of your contribution to our ongoing fight for equality. Add your story now!

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